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We've found 4 Residential Plans for Ohio Edison


Brighten Green Secure 18

Showing your commitment to clean energy comes with long-term peace of mind: Your rate's guaranteed for up to 18 months. No extra fees.


per kWh
18 months
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Brighten Green Secure 12

Clean power is always in season with a price-protected rate that's guaranteed for up to 12 months. No extra fees.


per kWh
12 months
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Brighten Green Secure 6

Go green with our lowest rate and enjoy it for up to 6 months guaranteed. 100% clean energy with no extra fees.


per kWh
6 months
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Brighten Green Secure 5

Power your home with 100% clean energy. Your rate's locked in for up to 5 months with no extra fees.


per kWh
5 months
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Make tomorrow a little brighter.

  • Support 100% renewable energy with no money down
  • Enjoy a price-protected rate with no hidden fees
  • Lower your carbon footprint with clean energy