Power your life today with the promise of a brighter tomorrow

Make a statement. Make a difference.

At Brighten Energy, you can power your home or business with a 100% renewable electricity plan. It's never been easier to help make a greener, cleaner tomorrow.

Use less, spend less, worry less.

You can also conserve with easy energy-saving tips, because we believe in protecting the planet and your wallet. Plus, you can choose a competitive rate that's guaranteed for the length of your plan, with no teaser rates or cancellation fees. 

Same service, only brighter. 

You'll continue to receive one bill from your local utility provider. They'll continue maintaining the lines and delivering reliable service. We'll supply your electricity. 

Going green is fast and easy.

Shop our plans now or call us at 1-833-277-8462 to speak with one of our team members. Be sure to grab a copy of your monthly utility bill so you have your utility account number handy. 



Our plans are powered by natural resources, like the wind and sun.

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With competitive rates and easy ways to save, we're good for your wallet too.

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Signing up is easy. Just check to make sure you live in an area we serve.

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We believe in powering cleaner, greener communities. And we know you want to make a difference too.

So we had a really bright idea: Clean energy at a fair price. Now you can enjoy 100% green energy at a competitive rate from a supplier that's committed to helping you use less of what we sell.

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