Frequently Asked Questions

About Brighten Energy and Customer Choice

Who is Brighten Energy?

Brighten Energy is a retail electricity supplier committed to connecting more customers and communities with affordable renewable energy. With one of our 100% renewable energy plans, you power a cleaner, greener tomorrow. After all, we're in this together. 

Renewable energy comes from natural resources like wind, sun and more. These resources help support pollution-free, sustainable energy because they're naturally replenshied. Choosing clean energy means a smaller carbon footprint that you can feel good about. It's a win-win for the planet and you.

Brighten Energy powers homes and businesses with renewable energy in these areas.

Deregulation means that you have the power to choose who supplies electricity to your home or business. Your local utility will continue to provide regular service without interruption, as well as handle any service issues and outages.

You’ll help power a greener, cleaner tomorrow – and start enjoying a competitive rate today. You can sit back, relax and enjoy making a difference with clean energy.

Residential and Small Commercial Information

We have a team of dedicated specialists who are here to help you choose the best renewable energy plan for you. Be sure to grab a copy of your monthly utility bill so you have your account number handy. Sign up now or call us at 833-277-8462 for more information.

Yes, we take care of everything. Your switch to Brighten Energy will be seamless without any service interruption and your utility will continue to send you bills handle any service issues and outages.

In most cases, your new, renewable energy plan will become effective starting with your next meter read. Once you sign up, we’ll confirm your start date within three business days.

You’ll continue to receive one monthly bill from your utility. The bill will include line items from Brighten Energy for your renewable energy charges, and delivery service charges from your local utility. You’ll continue to pay your local utility.

With a Brighten Energy price-protected fixed rate plan, your residential or small commercial rate is guaranteed to stay the same for the length of your initial term. For example, if you have a 12-month price-protected plan, you can rest assured that your price/kWh will not change for at least 12 billing cycles..

Before your contract expires, Brighten Energy will send you a renewal notice with clean energy plans available to you. You can always call us at 844-359-1777 for help choosing a plan that fits your needs.

Powering your new home with affordable, clean energy is a breeze. We’re here to help you get settled in. Visit our move center or call us at 844-359-1777 with your new address and the date you want to move – we’re here to help.

Call us at 844-359-1777 for information about your energy plan, contract agreement or other clean energy offers that may be available to you. We’re here to help.

Contact your local utility for power outages and service problems. They’ll respond around-the-clock to outages, service calls and emergencies, regardless of your electricity supplier.

Your account number with Brighten Energy is the same account number used by your local utility. It’s on the first page of your bill.